Slightly Late Saturday: Puppy Report, and a Memorial for a Good Man

Before I get into this week’s Flashback material, I’d like to take a moment to remember and honor Henry “Beau” Blackman. He died last week from an aggressive cancer, and Greta and I will miss him terribly.

Beau worked with his wife, Dr. Natalie, at the Well-being Clinic for Animals, where I take Greta for her regular healthcare as well as Chiropractic care and nutritional counseling (turns out she’s got a LOT of allergies!). He was one of those people who seemed to magnetically attract animals, and as they gathered around him they absorbed some of his naturally peaceful manner.

I always admired how easily he calmed anxious dogs and people alike, simply by being present. And he was fully present in every room he entered, making people feel comfortable and accepted.

Those of you who wish to honor the legacy of a good man can do so by donating to the cause closest to his heart,

Original Post Date: 6/8/2009

Today I received Prada’s Puppy Report. This short document is composed by Prada’s puppy raisers, the people who raised her from about 8 weeks old until she was old enough to begin Seeing Eye training. Puppy raisers are responsible for teaching basic social skills (sit, rest, come, don’t jump on people), socializing the dog with other people and animals, and exposing them to as many human experiences as possible to help acclimate them to their lives as service dogs.

This report includes a summary of training experiences Prada had during her puppy months. It also contains some personality quirks so I can get to know her a little more quickly, accelerating the bonding process.


Family Composition:
Mom, Dad, Daughter (18, raised 2 successful dog guides), Son (15).

12-room house, 3 levels, w/ 3/4-fenced in yard, heavily wooded, in New Jersey

Pet Friends:
Neighborhood dogs

Prada has been exposed to many different situations including fairs (both street and 4-H), mall, school, offices, airport, kennels, parks, trains, and sporting events.


Prada is very friendly, is great with the vet, and likes to be groomed. She is familiar with baths, showers, getting muddy paws dunked and cleaned up, and being toweled off , the latter being a real treat after a rainy day.

Stuffed animals—destroyed

Cute Stories:
Too many to write

Today your favorite blindfluencer asks you to write down one of your many cute puppy stories and send it to me! It just might get featured on The Dark Side.

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