Delightful and Descriptive, Honor Among Thieves: My Experience with Descriptive Video Service in a Movie Theater

Having that kind of control was kind of fun. And it meant that the movie theater experience wasn’t nearly as over-stimulating as I’ve found it to be in the past. Instead of feeling like my whole body was buffetted by explosive sound or pierced by higher pitches, I could really dive into what was going on, and I felt less “full of noise” as we walked out.

Compartmentalization: A Skill for Adults with Disabilities Practicing Individuation

Afterseveral failed lunges to escape the shaky watercraft in rough water, Greta finally succeeded in escaping on the safest part of the trip, and immediately regretted her decision.

An Accessible Art Museum? My Visit to Nashville’s Parthenon

The tap of my Cain as I drifted across the temple space echoed in a library hush created by the imposing figure of the goddess herself. To me she appeared a vaguely shimmering outline in the dimness, how she might have appeared to Perseus as she bestowed celestial gifts of survival. The silhouette of golden light stretched far, far out of my meager peripheral vision, giving me a sense of endless presence.

Guest Post: Dungeons and Doggies

Currently, there are no game modifications specifically for the inclusion of service animals. Those that want their character to have an assisting animal companion must utilize existing game rules and structure.