Flashback Friday: What Do I Do with My Dog when…? The Final Installment, Take 2

Good things in life are rarely as fragile as our fears of failure would have us believe.

Flashback Friday: What Do I Do With My Dog When…? Part III

I like to think of it as contributing to the overall evolution of my culture into one of inclusivity. It takes time, time I’m willing to invest up front, for people to adapt internal belief scheme to one of total inclusivity.

Flashback Friday: What do I do with My Dog When…? Part 2

“What do I do with my service dog when I’m on stage?”

Flashback Friday: What do I do with My Dog When…? Part I

As my confidence in our future grows I begin to imagine how Prada fits into each area of my life, and I have suddenly begun to realize just how many bizarre things we humans do. How will Prada make sense of a gym? A public pool? Will she come on stage with me when I sing with my college choir? What about travel? Where is she allowed to go, and where is her access restricted?

Flashback Photography

The official reason you’re reading this post on Saturday instead of Friday is that the amazing Caylah Coffeen was busy giving my site a makeover. I love her aesthetic sense, and I couldn’t recommend a finer developmental editor for your fantasy or sci-fi novel.

Flashback Friday: How Blindness Might Help Your Mental Health

The moment of darkness when your eyes fall closed can become an avenue of peace, rather than just another blink in your hectic day.

Flashback Friday: A Holistic Approach to Dog Foods

I lost nine months’ worth of training time. How much of Greta’s lifespan have I lost because her body is simply more worn down than it should be at her age?