Golden Parachutes for Guide Dogs

I get asked about service dog retirement a lot. People always ask my dog’s age, and once that comes up there’s a high likelihood they want to know how long she’s been working and how long she’ll keep working. And then they ask “what happens after she stops working? Humans like stories, and they want to know that these heroic and noble creatures will have happy endings. And, very often, they do. Here’s a summary of the most frequently asked questions about dog retirement, and more detailed answers than I usually bother to give in person.

Flashback Friday: The Going Home Lecture Part II, Pre-Flight Prep

I’ve done a lot of flying since this first lecture, and a lot of rules and amenities have changed. I’ll throw in some advice from my own personal experience, but I encourage all teams to develop a relaxed, flexible mindset about air travel. It’ll never happen the same way twice, and that’s ok so long as you don’t depend on predictability for peace of mind.

Delightful and Descriptive, Honor Among Thieves: My Experience with Descriptive Video Service in a Movie Theater

Having that kind of control was kind of fun. And it meant that the movie theater experience wasn’t nearly as over-stimulating as I’ve found it to be in the past. Instead of feeling like my whole body was buffetted by explosive sound or pierced by higher pitches, I could really dive into what was going on, and I felt less “full of noise” as we walked out.

Flashback Friday: A Trip to New York

Today your favorite blindfluencer asks that you remember that over-stimulation is a common barrier to learning. Be kind to your nervous system for better results.

Flashback Friday: Transit.Tasks

There are lots of conflicting ideas about where and how it is safest for a dog to ride in a car. Personally, I think there are several right answers, depending on the dog’s size and health, the car’s design and age, and the dog’s familiarity with and comfort with car rides. Below i will explain how TSE taught us to load and unload our dogs safely into cars.

Flashback Friday: Pup andPupil Learn to Play

Kong toys were not meant to be tug toys!

Peering Through the Window of Tolerance

The stigma persists, at least in part, because we believe it does.