A Story Lurks in Every Dark Place

A writer is someone who builds universes out of daydreams and coffee.

Welcome, fellow book-addicts, to a place where magic flows freely, love burns slowly and steadily, and choices collide with history and consequences. From epic to urban, my fantasies take form here.

What Readers Should Know About My Books

  • I’m a sucker for happy endings.
  • I don’t write sex scenes and avoid strong language.
  • I do not avoid violence or emotional conflict.
  • I like to collaborate with other authors.
  • I DO NOT kill off dogs in my books.
  • I believe in old-fashioned heroism, strong women, and the power of good over evil.

Books You Can Read Now

Jubilant is the first book in a nautical fantasy adventure series I’m writing with the amazing Galadriel Coffeen, my best friend and favorite writing partner. We poured our shared love of sailing ships, dragons, and strong friendships evolving into romance into this 11-book series, and now you can read the first installment!

Jubilant, on Amazon.com

Works in Progress

While most of the stories I’ve developed independently have remained in states of infancy for years — decades, in one case — Modern Magic came to me in a flash. Set in an alternate future version of my current hometown of Huntsville, Alabama, this urban fantasy tale is my only overtly Christian series. The first book will be my 35th birthday present to myself, coming out in August of 2025.

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