The Shallic Sea Chronicles

A snake coils and a wren spreads its wings in the foreground. Behind them, a harrier hawk flies upward.

When fantasy takes to the high seas, pirates and magic and mystery collide. Can unlikelyfriends overcome a forgotten enemy?

Jubilant, book 1 of this nautical fantasy adventure series, is now available on Read more here.

The Unlikely Friends

Two portraits are displayed side-by-side.

On the left:
An oval frame holds a portrait of Wren, a young man with brown skin, wavy black hair, and dark eyes. He wears a green, black, and white naval uniform with a peaked lieutenant's hat. His expression is focused and intense, with a trace of anger.

On the Right:
An oval frame holds a portrait of Kelta, a young woman with pale skin, long blonde hair, and blue eyes. She wears a dark blue shirt embroidered with complex knotwork and colored beads. Her expression is calm and restrained, with a hint of sadness.

Kelta lives the life of a Taxian warrior, practical and ruthless and undefeated. But unexpected adventures force her to reveal slivers of truth about a past that she can’t afford to claim. Her ambition aims far higher than mere revenge against those who stole her life. Following the path of her patron teacher, the mighty fathom snake, she has stored up years’ worth of cunning and patience to wield in future fights.

Wren Elspur could have been a rising star in the Ellondese navy if not for a conniving father and a despotic captain determined to shape him into their ideal follower. When Wren’s conscience pits him against both their plans and the law, he chooses a future not even he could have imagined, — a path to mastering his forbidden magic and doing more good than he ever could have managed in the navy.

The World Around the Shallic Sea

The Shallic Sea fills the center of the map, surrounded by land. The labelled areas, clockwise from the upper left corner, are Alok, Ellond, Poravia, the Taxian Sea, Taxia, and Nebor, with the Fosseni Archipelago at the center.

The six nations that ring the Shallic Sea were born out of two ancient empires. Centuries ago these empires destroyed themselves with magic that has never been seen since, but its effects lie scattered across the map. In fact, before the Destruction, the islands of Fossen didn’t even  exist. Fathom snakes couldn’t hypnotize their prey and drachons couldn’t scorch the earth with fire. But now they can…

Now Ellond and Poravia vie for naval power in the Shallic Sea while Fossen struggles to maintain its cherished neutrality despite the growing pirate threat.  Alok clings to remnants of its ancient glory while jealously eyeing its border with Ellond, and Neborite merchants bring wealth into every port, especially their own. And after ages of isolation the Taxian tribes have begun to come together, forming the most formidable fighting force seen since the destruction…

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