Dress for Success

This harness looks pretty good in theory, doesn’t it? Support’s the dog’s natural range of motion, each piece is custom-fitted for the individual dog, still nice and professional-looking, with maybe a slightly sportier flare….but do these two changes really make a difference in a dog’s working comfort?

Flashback Friday: Grooming

Ironically, at this point I didn’t know what “Prada” was. I spent a while confusing it with a Russian Newspaper, Pravda, until someone finally enlightened me. But I didn’t see the movie until after I graduated college, and I still haven’t read the book. It’s on my ever-growing list, though…

Flashback Friday: Anticipation

With so many people in one building all hoping and awaiting the same incredible adventure, it should be no surprise I typed with shaky hands and a fluttering heart. I can still feel echoes of that anticipated joy even now, and it fuels my resolve to continue rehabilitating Greta so we can cruise the world with the same optimistic curiosity and energy we used to.

Flashback Friday: Packs, Prius, and Practice

 This is disturbing to the blind and visually impaired community as a whole, but should concern the children of aging parents who may experience age-related vision deterioration as well.  I personally was amazed at how quiet these machines are, and am very thankful for all the effort TSE does in training our dogs to handle these dangerous vehicles.