Flashback Friday: Touchdown at The Seeing Eye

The Seeing Eye claims students from all over the United States and several other countries, including Canada and Belgium, as their clientele, but the feeling of nervous excitement is universal, even among the returning students.  That made me feel more at home–it wasn’t just us rookies who were asking all the questions!

Flashback Friday: Prologue

Original Post Date: 18 May, 2009 I walk into a store and someone screams, two people “aww” as I go past, a sales person rushes to ask if I need assistance, and I snap “leave it” at the cause of all the trouble—Prada, my German Shepherd, quickly pulls her curious little nose away from theContinue reading “Flashback Friday: Prologue”

Welcome to the Dark Side

“I’m like Daredevil, only prettier.” I like introducing myself this way because it instantly breaks the awkward ice that forms over conversations when people suddenly realize I’m blind. You’d be surprised how long it takes some people sometimes. Even with a harnessed German shepherd, dark sunglasses, and sometimes my white cane, I have to convinceContinue reading “Welcome to the Dark Side”