Flashback Friday: Dog Distraction

To explain how Seeing Eye dogs are trained to ignore their instincts, I’m going to use an example. Juno is, of course, our working dog. Fluffy will be our civilian dog. Here’s how Juno learns to ignore Fluffy:

Flashback Friday: Packs, Prius, and Practice

 This is disturbing to the blind and visually impaired community as a whole, but should concern the children of aging parents who may experience age-related vision deterioration as well.  I personally was amazed at how quiet these machines are, and am very thankful for all the effort TSE does in training our dogs to handle these dangerous vehicles.

Flashback Friday: Touchdown at The Seeing Eye

The Seeing Eye claims students from all over the United States and several other countries, including Canada and Belgium, as their clientele, but the feeling of nervous excitement is universal, even among the returning students.  That made me feel more at home–it wasn’t just us rookies who were asking all the questions!