Flashback Friday: Fancy Footwear

I can empathize with Prada’s plight, but that doesn’t mean I won’t readily inflict this safety measure on her as needed.

Peering Through the Window of Tolerance

The stigma persists, at least in part, because we believe it does.

Flashback Friday: Prada and the Thunderstorm

And on the subject of storms, this wouldn’t be a true guide-dog blog if I didn’t share at least one story where my dog protected me from potential harm. So let’s talk about Prada and tornados.​

Wheelchair Womp Womp Part II: Obstacles the ADA Fails to Remove

Can you imagine living with the knowledge that something as simple as meeting a friend for lunch could put you at risk for physical injury, triggering past trauma, or the humiliation of not making it to the bathroom? Any one of those events could prevent you from returning to work for the afternoon, which would cut into your income and damage your reputation as a valuable employee.

Guest Post: Tech Support Terror

I know you are busy, and I know there are never enough hours in the day, but in this case, stop multitasking and stop rushing, sit down with your client and ask them questions to gather the info you need. Be polite, be specific, and be on target. This is not carte blanche to grill them, it is your opportunity to learn.

Couples Therapy and Dog Training

Couples therapy is a place where individuals who have committed to intertwining themselves attempt to unravel knots between them. It can serve a lot of purposes, but one of the primary purposes is that it shows each member of the couple areas in which they need to grow.

Why I Don’t Read Braille

It is conceivable that, with the advance of screen reader technology, mass availability of electronic material, and shift to a paperless society the future of blindness is the elimination of Braille entirely. It may truly become unnecessary. Reading may become a purely auditory activity, and spelling learned for the sole purpose of writing (or, rather, typing).

An Excerpt From Jubilant

My faithful readers will, by now, be more than aware that today is the day! Today my nautical fantasy adventure novel Jubilant, co-authored with the amazing Galadriel Coffeen and the first in a lengthy series to come, is officially available in Kindle format, paperback, and Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.com. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy,Continue reading “An Excerpt From Jubilant”